Hosting / Technical Advising

Hosting Service and Technical Advising

Servers: Self-owned

Monitoring: 24/7

Backups: Daily


Foreclosures problems of saturation load (or even denial of service) since many servers are corpartidos, and one team can live more than 1000 web pages, which would make your ad cargase more slowly, their emails tuviesen limitations or not surrender time.

We have our own servers monitored 24 hours a day to prevent any incident. With us will be able to sleep peacefully, do backups of all web pages, emails and databases on a daily basis and only our customers live on our servers.

Team: Experts

Solutions: Optimized

Evaluation: Customized

Technical Advising

Thanks to the extensive experience of our team, we offer advice to any other for companies that have a website and are thinking of doing a re-design, either because their website is outdated or it simply because it does not meet your expectations. So too it is designed for those companies that do not quite know how to focus their online presence and to companies that have not yet made the leap to the network.

For all of them do an evaluation of their online sector and guide them through the essential steps that every SME needs for optimal online presence.